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If you are on this page we are happy to invite you to join our team. We are growing every day with new opportunities, new clients and we are looking for volunteers in the community to help with our day to day operations. Below is a list of jobs we are looking to fill with an application. We hope to work with you soon!


We are looking for these positions at this time. If we have openings in the future they will all be listed below.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA HELPER: This job you will have access to Instagram to post stories, engage our audience and help us gain a larger following. Requirements: 400+ Instagram Followers or 600+ Youtube Subscribers, Active fanbase/following, able to be professional and help us gain relationships with other parks social media teams. Positions Open: 1/2


  • MARKETING HELPER: This job you will help us to create social media and marketing campaigns. Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook, you will be required to create custom photos, logos and more to fit our needs to gain a larger audience. Requirements: Experience in Photoshop, Graphic Design, and able to run a marketing team with Jason the Owner. Positions Open: 0/2


  • AMBASSADOR: Weather on Youtube, Instagram or Twitter we need help from other accounts to showcase our content. You are going to be able to create videos from parks that we as a team cant visit. You will be required to create content and send it to our Marketing Manager (Jason) to upload and more. Requirements: Experienced in video editing, able to keep a professional manner, 1080p 60fps camera able to film high-quality videos. Positions Open: 1/2


  • NEW – ON RIDE POV FILMER: You will contact parks in your area and record POV’s for us in high quality for our Youtube. Requirements: Acess to filming LEGAL on-ride POV’s in 1080p 30fps with 8MP Camera and HIGHER. Positions Open: 0/1

Applications are reviewed every month. Next time applications will be reviewed will be in late April.


LEGAL UNDERSTANDINGS: By applying, you agree to everything we need of you, you understand that we will not pay you, this is not an employment contract and agree to everything in the below PDF. Please read over it before Submitting as when you Submit you agree to sign it and agree to everything on it when and if you are accepted.

Worker Agreement

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