Yes, welcome, as stated above, to NewJerseyCoasters! In the following slides, you will learn a little about what we do and see examples. If you continue to scroll, you can find project videos, testimonials, and more. We look forward to…


Each shoot for us is unique. We never try and replicate experiences, so we never repeat prices. We tailor a custom proposal to your needs and ensure it works within your budget. We always give multiple options, providing you with…


Now, why choose us? Well, grainy photos and poorly shot images don't fly on social media anymore. We have experience creating high-quality images that can transform your marketing materials to stay with the times and help reach more people!


This is always the biggest concern for new customers. We are a registered LLC with insurance for all shoots. We have done over 50 shoots on unique attractions with no issues, but things can happen, so being insured always helps!


If you are new to this, you are wondering how does this work? Mounting is simple, we use clamp and suction cup mounts to produce the smoothest content possible, and this equipment is not something you can find on Amazon.…