NJC was founded with the ideals for a affordable, high quality way for small amusement parks to get marketing solutions. On the next few slides we will explain what we do! We can't wait to work with you!


We decided to take a different route than our competitors. We will custom create a proposal for any of your companies needs to make sure you get an affordable but high quality product that fits your budget.


4K at 60fps is what the standard is now and we have completely upgraded to make sure we can fit those needs. We speak to guests, and listen to what people want, and get everything done in a timely manner.


This is a top priority. We use all professional and custom mounting / holding straps for On Ride Cameras. If it is just normal photography or videos, we make sure (if in restricted) to keep a distance away from the…


This should be a safe and easy method, with our suction cups, clamps and stick mounts. Mounting is a breeze with NJC and we will even custom build a mount for any ride!


We don’t just do video. We do a lot of photography for ourselves at Amusement Parks and will make sure you get the bang for your buck. We will take lots of high quality imagery for later use, don’t worry!

Rider Cams

These can be taken with a GoPro for video or a Sony Mirrorless for photos! These types of shots help showcase a rider's reaction. It is the perfect marketing material.