Bowcraft Amusement Park : The fun could have lasted.. ~ Script

There is an amusement park you could find on Route 20 through the Scotch Plaines in New Jersey by New York.. Home to many attractions… What happened to this place… It became forgotten, and destroyed by the town that used to cherish its delight.


Part 1 : Before the turn of the millennium

Originally called, Bowcraft Playland.. The park opened in 1946.. It was a hometown amusement park… this park was a very well known icon for the area after awhile, but there were humble startings. The idea for the park dated back to the early 1940s, when an archery and skiing enthusiast named Ted Miller opened a small store dedicated to providing similar enthusiasts with archery and skiing equipment, much of which he made all by himself. But during this time a war started to occur. World War 2 put his lifelong passion on hold temporarily when he was sent to serve with the U.S. forces in Europe.

Furthermore, it was while he was stationed overseas that he became even more determined to expand his business when he would be able to come home and in 1946 he bought some land and opened up a new store, complete with ski slope and archery store and called it Bowcraft Park.

Over the years he started to grow and expand the park with amusement rides…

Part 2 : The 21st century is arriving

In 1998 and with the amusement park becoming a great attraction for younger children and teenagers, a 12, 000 foot birthday park was built and it got its first roller coaster, the Dragon. Three even larger rides were added to the amusement park in 2000 – the Crazy Sub, the Convoy and the Barnstormer. But then things started to turn even better for the amusement park. Over this time they planned and grew more then ever..

From there roots as a small birthday park to a growing amusement park… what was next..

They struck a deal with a amusement company for a new coaster that they were planning to put them on the map with..

Part 3 : The era of Crossbow

Crossbow is a new model from the company called _____. The ESC model is the only one of its kind and was planning to be a huge attraction, renovating the whole upper area of the park..



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