If you clicked on this page, you are here for one of two reasons…

  1. You are a park looking to have a photo/video shoot for a ride or attraction or even the park. We do commercial production as we are a Production Company and we look for work all around the east coast.
  2. You are a fan trying to get help/advice. If this is you please contact us on social media, not on the Contact page.

If you came for the first point please fill out the contact form below with information on what you are looking for, deadlines and more.

Also, if you are contacting us about Media Production at your park please list your price range so we can discuss that in a follow-up. Below is also a PDF file of our Master Services Agreement for work.

MasterServicesAgreement (Older, a new one will be provided over email)

Thanks and we will contact you in less than 5 days once this form is submitted.