A GP’s Guide to Amusement Parks – Script

So you may know me as Takoda well im taking over NJC for today, Im a sorta GP so let me tell you what we GP do when we go to parks.

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So when the “GP” go to parks they park as far as they can to get out first because why not! If your wondering how to do they get to the park? Well they walk of course duh! No need for trams or buses its fun to complain at the park gate about things that you did not use!

Now that were in line to buy tickets I mean now that the “GP” are in line they allways compain about the walk and more and talk about people they saw while in line. This gets the mood set that you have no idea what an amusement park is about or dont know how to behave in it. Next you will enter the park just stare at the turnstile employee just to make him weirded out. Now that your in the park time to become as GP as you can.

Step 1

grab a park map. Turn it upsidown and think that your close to a large ride that really isn’t close at all. Bring you friends along the ride and go to rides thinking there “Large ride name here” and then realize once you have ridden it that you wasted your time.

Step 2

After being very stupid while walking around the park for an hour decide to ask a Employee. They tell you and you ask were tats at they explain more and keep asking them until they just get annoyed and explain the whole walk. You just wasted a Team Members time!

Step 3

After finding the ride go in the queue. Start making up fake facts about the ride and fake history. Talk about how unsafe the ride is and more like normal stuff the GP do. Now if your wondering after watching this if you do this you are a GP but if your like me just go along with the flow and do whats right but if you still want to be a GP for a day this part is for you

Step 4

While on the ride complain that your restraint isnt locked and waste time holding up the line and making people on the break run angry that you making them sit in the hot sun and not being able to get off. After you do this scream on the whole ride and say somthing has gone wrong to scare people around you. Its not nice but what ever.

Step 5

After geting off the ride go to the nearest food place. While ordering make up diffrent items until you just get what they hand you. After paying sit down near your friends and talk about how the park is “Un-Safe”

Step 6

After this continue this plan all day until the park is closing. You did that? Good now to the end of your day.

Step 7

Exit the park complaing to people around you that this is a park you will never come back too even though you go there alot. After this talk about fake facts about rides with your friends and walk all the way back to your call very far away. Notice that you took so long to get to the car that you will be stuck in traffic for hours to get home. Enjoy

Did you all enjoy this video? Did this teach you what to do to be a GP for a day or just show you what GP plan to do at every, single, park they go to.

Thanks guys for watching this has been a big april fools joke with myself Decca Films and NewJerseyCoasters. Go subscribe to my channel below and if you enjoyed this subscribe to NewJerseyCoasters and as always guys… “Roll Outro!”

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