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UPDATE 3/27/18 – Were pushing back the release to be in September with riding of the bull. Right now were working with Casino Pier on a Hydrus doc. More info soon when we have the script done. (Main reason for setback is the park has not responded to our emails lately and we lost all the work due to a breach on our hard drive last month)

Here at NewJerseyCoasters for the past 4 months we have been working on our first Documentary. This video is about El Toro. It will be a little over 20 mins long, have interviews and the history of this amazing coaster. It will come out Late March and our second Documentary will be announced at the end of that videos release.

Credits to Film:

Footage by Crusader Cat, NJC, & OfficerOLeary

Narrator – NJC

Editor – NJC

Scrpit Writer – Crusader Cat, & NJC


More Info TBA

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