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Instagram “Feud” Statement : Amusement Insiders Allegations Explained

Update at the Bottom

Hello, Fans, Followers, and Dislikers.

My name is Jason. I founded NewJerseyCoasters under GreatAdventurePhotos.

As you all know we strive to make high-quality content in the Leisure Industry being partners with many Amusement Parks. We took a break in the past to get our account out of the drama. Since then we have grown into NJC MEDIA LLC. Now we strive to make sure we stay out of drama and keep our focus inside our company. With a group of 5 we have met this goal until Today. April 12th, 2019.

Today we have been targeted by a group known as Amusement Insiders. These people have always had it after me (Jason) since I started. I was bullied and harassed by them. He would act better and look over me whenever I tried to speak to them.

I noticed that there was a pattern with them. I decided to separate from them and not covert. This didn’t work as you probably know now. About a few weeks ago we were planning to collaborate with them. Until these plans fell through due to one of their team members.

This team member for the sake of them we will not be releasing names was in our group chat with friends of our group call “GA Crew.” This chat is on Instagram and is a safe haven for jokes and funny memes. One day someone pulled up something from amusement Insiders and started talking about the old Brendon.

It was my fault to go into the discussion with this person. We went into all this talking about what he has done in the past to me and others. Although in the end, we did discuss how he changed and gave him compliments on this. It was well thought through discussion. Until this Member of AI sent half of the discussion to AI. He took our words out of context and decided to use them against us.

This worked and has led to our feud today. We tried to speak to them about it resolving the situation to find they didn’t want to. It seemed like they were just as bad as before holding a grudge against myself. We decided to part ways, but this started what we tried to resolve in the past. We have decided to keep all our group members not listed so nothing happens to them

So after this, we know that he is 90% likely talking about this member or another person. This other person is a smaller channel near me. His father has targeted me and my friends in the past. We had an argument last night on my private and that could also be what the chat was talking about.

Nevertheless, I hope we all can see positives. AI was misinformed, we were misinterpreted by the community & the community was misinformed. There is a lesson to be seen here. If AI unblocks us and apologizes we will be sure to be on their side for no bullying. Until then we stand with what we have said.


Have a great night everyone, hope to see you all in the future.

Update :

Jason didn’t go after the AI member to sue him. He mentioned that he continuously tried to get into contact with AI and handle this they didn’t comply and would just stalk his story. This member is also 14 almost 15. The same age as Jason so AI’s story was untruthful. Pleas keep this in mind.


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