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Intamin Prefabricated Wooden coasters are one of the rarest types of coasters to exist in the world, with only 2 being built prior to the 2006 season. After the successful first season of Kingda Ka and the removal of Viper that same year, coaster enthusiasts were suspecting something big was gonna come to Great Adventure that next year- Especially since the station building was left in tact. It wasn’t until September 2005 when Great Adventure announced their new 2006 addition, surprising coaster enthusiasts with yet another record breaker- El Toro.


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El Toro is an Intamin Prefabricated Wooden Coaster located in Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson NJ. The ride is praised by many enthusiasts for its intense airtime and state of the art smoothness offered when it first opened. The ride was built as part of a master plan by Great Adventure to fix up the park with better experiences and better family rides and themed areas. Because of its rarity and extreme ride experience, the ride remains an important Icon of Great Adventure’s history and skyline alongside the park’s hyper coaster, Nitro, and the Strata Coaster, Kingda Ka. But what’s the story behind this outstanding attraction?


Prequel – Before El toro


June 1995 Viper opened at great adventure. It was a large new ride for the park but had tons of issues. Great adventure saw how the ride did and how it was very hard for maintenance to maintain that they knew something needed to be done. The ride had very hard restraints to work with as guests didn’t know how to use them. Also the ride had lots of downtime with mechanical issues. The coaster was closed and taken apart but they couldn’t just leave that space empty. Something needed to be done. Closing in 2004 they started to plan another record-breaking attraction to come after Kingda Ka in 2005.


Part 1 – Construction


The only thing left from Viper is the sign palza were el toro’s sign is and the station. When they were building El Toro it was going to come with a whole area called Plaza De Carnival which is the same one there but there were a lot of rides removed for this new area.


Some of these rides include, Taz Tornado, Rodeo Stampede which was going to be moved to Over Texas for the next season and the Kiddie Carousel moved to Bugs Bunny NP.


The coaster was speculated to be a lot of different styles and then wooden track arrived on scene. After lots of examination by Enthusiasts one thing was known. The coaster would be built by Intamin and be the only Prefabricated woodie in the United States.


The shooting gallery was also torn down for preparation of the new beast. But one thing was still being asked. What would it be like and what was its theme? That would be talked about very soon in the next few months.


Part 2 – The Ride


At the end of September the ride was announced. It is called El Toro! A wild new wooden coaster being the fastest and tallest in the world! This would be the second record breaking attraction in less than one year! The ride was looking like it was going to be canceled by the new CEO and due to issues with the company but it wasn’t and the new CEO loved it even though he wanted to stray away from thrill rides.


*Interview with peoples opinions on the ride*


Late 2005 everything possible started happening. Footers and everything was being put in super fast and everything was going so quick. They didn’t waste a moment to start work on the ride. Everyone was so excited and some people didn’t even know what to say. Peoples reactions were great.

In early 2006 the ride began to have issues. On March 31st El Toro was still not ready to tests run. The bad winter made the rides completion go back. It took longer than anticipated to complete. Piece by Piece it started to come to life. Making the skyline look different forever..


As april came it looked much more complete but testing still was not underway and it was not fully done. The goal for the park was to get it ready for memorial day weekend one way or another and they did just that.


Part 3 – The Ride Opens


After weeks of issues and the completion taking longer than needed they were almost ready to open. As may came more issues started to come. They don’t know how to get the train to engage with the cable so it would be smooth for the riders. As this is a wooden coaster that uses a cable it is one of the only if only coasters to have to speed up and then connect to the cable unlike others were you get attached right after station.


After a few days of tweaking they got it to work. The first riders were the water dummies. They kept redoing the lift and making sure the cable worked to perfection. After they were fine with the lift they started counting down the days and on June 12th 2006 El Toro opened to rave reviews and was called the best wooden coaster in the world by lots of people.

Overtime it because a large fan favorite with a lot of awards like,

This ride made Great Adventure above Cedar Point for enthusiasts for a few years as the go too place for Nitro, Medusa, Kingda Ka and…. El Toro!


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Written By – Michael Olivencia and Jason Pennypacker

Footage Credits:

Officer O’Leary

Crusader Cat

New Jersey Coasters

Photo Credits:

Great Adventure History

Coaster Force

Narrated By: Michael Olivencia

Edited By: Jason Pennypacker

Thumbnail By: Jason Pennypacker

A New Jersey Coasters Original

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