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Below are the photos of what we are selling. Everything is one dollar each. It will be paid over Paypal. I will have the name of the product below and its #. Please DM the # for each product your ordering. After I will need your address to calculate shipping costs. Once that is complete I will have your invoice and a link to pay. I ship once every week so it can take 5-10 days.

Use the Buttons below to buy. Email me your conformation and list of merch you ordered. You have to buy everything individually.

NJC Sticker – #1


GaleForce’s LIMs Photo – #2


GaleForce’s Tower Photo – #3


Superman The Ride Photo – #4


Wicked Cyclone’s Stall Photo – #5


Bizarro’s Cobra Roll Photo – #6


GaleForce Poster – #7


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