Media Production

We have started to do Paid Media Production for all people in the Leisure Industry.

Below check out our prices, past clients, current clients and work! 

For Testimonials, you can look on our home page with our extensive portfolio.

1-2 Edit, POV, & off-ride Package – $100-350
3-4 Edits, POV, off-ride, Photography & Full Edit Package  $375-550
5-6 Edits, POV, Reverse POV, off-ride, Commercials, Photography & Full Edit Package $575-700

NEW: Footage we take for ourselves at parks or with the park can be licensed for low costs from us with deals planned for the future. Please email us for more information on how to do this!

Everything depends on how much needing to be filmed, how far away it is from our location, time frame needed and more. For more information & add-ons like photography please contact us and if you would also like to work with us please use our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.


Camera Info

  • Mounting – We at NJC think that a park should have the highest quality, smooth POV possible. This is why we use GoPro’s. On top of this, our state of the art mounting technique helps keep everything safe. We use adhesive mounts, grip mounts and restraint mounts for the best possible results.
  • Camera Glasses – If not up to using a GoPro, we always can use the old way. Using Camera Glasses from IVUE we can record high-quality POVs using a head-mounted camera. (Please note this doesn’t have the best outcome)
  • Off-Ride – We use many different cameras including iPhones, Sony’s, GoPros and more. Information will be given on site.
  • Photography – We don’t just do video. We do a lot of photography for ourselves at Amusement Parks and will make sure you get the bang for your buck. We will take lots of high quality imagery for later use, don’t worry!
  • On-Ride Photography We have some brand new equipment. This allows us to take On-Ride Photographs of guests via special camera strap. This allows the photographer to hold a camera with 3 pins around his hand. This strap makes sure if you fall asleep or anything the camera will stay attached (It is only handheld and roughness can make the hand shake, leading us to not use this all the time)

More Project Examples – Playlist on YouTube